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Acrylic Nails

As your nail technician, I apply a solution to your nails with a brush, sculpting each nail to a shape that suits the shape of your hand and personality.  This product covers your entire nail bed, although sometimes I'll add a flexible form that I can sculpt to extend your nails.




This product hardens as it is exposed to the air, and is very durable, lasting three to four weeks.  The acrylic will grow out with your natural nail therefore, requiring a "fill,” during which I will gently file down the edges of the acrylic and fill in with more of the product.


If or when you decide that you would like the acrylic nails removed, I will gently remove with a procedure of soaking and filing away the acrylic.


Gel Nails

The consistency of the gel solution is thick and sticky.  I brush the gel onto your natural nails or nail tips.  Each coat of gel must be exposed to a UV light for up to two minutes to harden.


The gel products are more expensive than acrylics.


Like Acrylic Nails, the Gel will grow out with your natural nail  and will require

a “fill” process similar to that of the acrylic nails, filling in the gaps due to growth.


Shellac Polish

Shellac Gel Polish is a break through in the nail polish industry ... it promises to deliver 2-3 weeks of mirror like finish, superior colour, flawless wear with no nail damage and dries immediately.  I brush first a base coat followed by two colour coats and finished with a top coat allowing each to cure under a UV light.


6 Tips for Acrylic or Gel Nails

  1. Always go to a certified nail technician;

  2. Never peel off your acrylic or gel nails as this will damage your natural nail bed;

  3. Ensure your nail technician sterilize and cleans the tools between clients;

  4. Your nail technician should ask you to wash your hands before application and after;

  5. Don't play with your cuticles - breaking the seal between the nail and cuticle can lead to infection;

  6. Ask your nail technician how to care for your acrylic or gel nails between visits.

About Acrylic and Gel Nails